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Gifts from a Thousand Seasons:

Week of May 2:
The Ups and Downs

Some days you feel like going to your bed and crying, or having a cat nap just to forget about what has been bothering you. Thankfully, when your not sure what's going to happen next, God steps in and closes a door, opens a window type thing…and really picks you up in life. God is always there..thus we shouldn't worry (but we do) about what's coming next. 

Through all of this…God has gave me a cousin to cheer me up, a family that loves me, and much much more. That's why even though through ups and downs, God will always be walking with me, and my family/friends will always be caring for me!!


P.S. Don't let the devil get in your head, pray and trust in God..he will direct your paths!

Week of March 26th: 
Godly Women Part 3: Rachelle

Rachelle is my mom's niece-so my cousin! Rachelle is such an awesome caring person who has such a wonderful heart and a joyful spirit that she makes you want to be around her! She has been one of the best role models in my life, encouraging me in my faith, and my life constantly! She is a reminder that if you allow God to work through you and give him the control of our hectic life that he can turn the most unknown into something beautiful! I am so happy that Rachelle is my cousin and that God has allowed us to be related!! 

Back then they didn't have the internet, social media-like Facebook or Twitter so they couldn't communicate easily other than through letters or telegram..but today we have social media and the internet! So even though she is now living hours and hours away, I am glad that we can still chat and encourage one another weekly through social media!

I am thankful for social media, and the ability to communicate to people across the world!
I am thankful for cousins.
I am grateful for the you-Rachelle, love you! 



Week of March 19th:
Godly Women Part 2: Rosie
Two years ago I had never gone to the youth group at my church [2012]. Two years ago [2012] was when the new youth pastor and his wife moved to town. The pastor and his wife-Rosie would take over completely one year later [2013] as the regular youth director stepped down due to being pregnant. :) The person this blog entry is about is: Rosie. I have gotten to know Rosie pretty well in the last year thanks to church, youth, and tea-times a Timmy's [Tim Hortons]. She is like an older sister for me [I don't have any older siblings-I am the oldest] praying for me, encouraging me in my faith, and someone I can just hang out with and chat a sister. There is something about Rosie when you get to know her..and even before you get to know her. Her relationship with God shines through her in every way, she is a big encourager, and has an amazing spirit! She has allowed God to use her….as Rachel H. says…"getting out of the boat," thus God has allowed her to be in amazing situations [that are hard to describe] but are forever super cool! I am thankful for Rosie in many ways and I am very blessed that God led me to youth so I could get to know Rosie!

I love that I have many many [sisters] in Christ.

I am thankful for you Rosie.
I am thankful for the chat times with you Rosie.



Godly Women Part 1: Mom and Auntie
(Week of March 10th)

I am so very blessed to have such godly women in my life that I can talk to and ask questions! My mom and Auntie are just two examples. They are women I look up to and constantly I am reminded of all the things they do for their kids/husbands every moment of every day, and how they want us to follow God in everything! They have this gift of loving and helping everyone! I think that they devote huge amounts of time they could be spending on themselves to others! They are people that just…stand..out-in a good way-because you can't help but look at them and you can see Jesus's light shining through! In Romans 12 it talks about the different gifts God gives to people. I think my auntie and my mom have the gifts of: serving, giving, and showing mercy. They do acts of kindness that show these beautiful virtues!

Their hearts pour out to those who are suffering so they help. 

 Their hearts pour out when they see people who need help so they help.

Their hearts, minds, and their bodies work for the Lord! 

I love you ladies! 



Every Good Thing
(Week of Feb. 25th)

 There is a field where my family and I  along with our puppy Emma walk a couple times a week. Tonight I walked and thought about the ice that was underneath of stubble. I decided to jump on the ice and then it broke into pieces. As one particular piece broke I imagined it turned into a beautiful ice snowflake. When I continued to walk I thought about the very little details that make up the world. I can't remember them so here are some others: 
How did God design crops to grow? How God designed the sun to rise in the East and set in the West, how our bodies work and move, how God designed us to sleep and dream, how my brain knows right from wrong, how Canada's weather is sometimes colder than -25..and I could think up a lot MORE things but I won't. 
Even though I am not always thankful,I am thankful that every good thing comes from above.
That God cares so much for us..even when I don't care for him. 
I am thankful for the healing power of Christ.
I am thankful for the gift of music.
And soooo much more. :)

I am thankful for every good thing..may you rejoice in every good thing!



James 1:7 (Pinterest)

My Little Brother 

 (Weekend of Feb. 15th)

 I am the oldest of three kids in our family (not including our almost 1 year old puppy-Emma) I have 1 brother and 1 sister. They both can annoy me, bug me, and they can also love unconditionally and be great kids who want to share the love of Jesus. 
Sometimes, like today I was trying out some new snack/dessert recipes and of course I knew the perfect person to rate my one of my new foods on-my brother! He will seriously eat anything-except tomatoes, and some other veggies. So, after my sister ate a cookie I called from the kitchen saying "Brad, come get your cookie!" He didn't hear me at first but once he came he rated the cookie a 7 out of 10 (my sister also rated the dish 7 out of 10).  It is great having him test the cookie, but my  brother is more than a taste-tester. He is a kind loving brother that has a huge heart, and is a total teddy bear (he just doesn't show it), that I am very grateful to have. I hope you have a brother or sister like Brad, one that is a normal bugging brother, and a great taste-tester too! ;)

I love my little brother.
A super awesome taste-tester.
A kind brother that absolutely loves to bug his sisters…a buddy. ;)



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Valentines Day: My BFF

(Week of Feb. 14th)

       have many wonderful friends that are gifts from God! They all are very unique in their own ways, and each have different things I love about them. They pray for me when I need it, and just stick by me like great friends! 
But, there is a friend who is the most special to me (besides Jesus) :), my mom. She is truly my best friend. When I cry she's there, when I laugh she's there, and when I am sick she is there! Our family is blessed with super amazing moms! They truly care for their families with all our their hearts and with all their energy. 
I hope you have a super mom like mine. Happy Valentines Day! 

 I am thankful for my BFF-my mom. Who is your BFF? 

My mom is one of the best gifts in the world!



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The Gift of Family 

(Week of Feb. 8)

      These last two days I have been sick with the flu, rarely getting out of bed except to go to the bathroom. I really relied on my parents and my siblings to take care of me, when I needed a drink or a friend to come and just sit with me. 
God provides us each with a family that we can hopefully rely on (I sure can rely on my fam!), to take care of us or be with us in times of trouble, or distress. He placed those people in our lives for a special reason even though we may not know why. Especially when our siblings provide bugging sessions, and when our parents make us do things we don't want to! I hope for you, your family can be a you will never want to get rid of!

Family is a gift.
Family is amazing!



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The feet of G.F.A.T.S 

(Weekend of Jan. 31)

I am sure you have seen the feet on the front page of my blog. They are all different in size, and they are all unique as well! That picture was taken several years ago, when I was younger. The middle feet are mine (yes, my feet are very small!,) the feet on the left are my younger sisters, and the feet on the right are my younger cousins. I love that picture so much, it reminds me of how all us girls have changed since then, and also how different of a picture it is. It's not us all in a line, or us trying to pose in a really cool's just our feet. How funny of a young girl to take a photo of feet, I know! But looking back on it now I am glad I did..otherwise I would't get to write about our unique feet.

 The feet we will use to reach out to others. 

The feet we will walk thousands of miles on.

 The feet we can be thankful for. 

The feet I am thankful, and praise Jesus for. 

May this inspire you!  

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A time to laugh 

(Week of Jan. 31)

This week was really busy for me, and sometimes I was just feeling down. All through the busyness God still lifted me up. He lifted me up through music, and scripture. He was encouraging me using the Bible, and words in songs. I also don't laugh repeatedly, or just smile because of silly reasons. But, today God used my silly puppy-Emma to just play with me, and boy was I being silly!! I was blowing air in her face while laughing uncontrollably! It was great!! Even when you think God doesn't care, or he isn't surrounding you, he is..more than you could ever know! I hope this is encouraging to you…and that today and always you can just randomly laugh, rejoice, weep ('cause it is good to cry,) and just dance!  



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(Week of Feb. 25th)