Tips and Tricks

Week of May 16th:
Tucking in Tanks

Sometimes when you are wearing certain tops, it looks funny when you wear a belt. The problem is, that when you take off your belt, your pants usually fall down, down, and down. So, how can we fix this problem? We can wear a tank under our shirts (lots of shirts need a tank under them anyways), and then our pants won't fall down! Smart hey? I think so..

Thanks Auntie for teaching me this one!

Week of Feb. 25th:

Long Winter Coats

Now is the best time to buy outwear for winter as it is all on sale…but when you find deals you have to snatch them up fast before they're gone! One of my favourite winter clothing pieces is a: long winter coat! I love how if you get the right length it goes over your bottom to keep it warm :) and it's also super cute! There are many different styles out there but I recommend you get one, plus you can find styles that work for both short and tall people! Below are a couple of coats I thought I would share another tip and trick! Enjoy!

P.S. You can also sometimes find cute long skiing/snowboarding jackets…cute too!

Anthropologie Golden Hour Coat $69.95 (sale)

AE Canada Duffle coat $55.38  (sale)

Forever 21 Cutout Military Coat  Canada $45.99 (Below is a 2nd picture)


Week of Feb. 18th:

Tips from Parisian Chic 

Week of Jan 14th: 

Hoodies & Scarfs

Week of February 14th: 

When you feel like dressing down, and just wearing something more relaxing but still looking cute, try wearing a hoodie with a scarf! It's a very simple outfit, but still looks cute..all for the days you don't feel like trying too hard. ;)

Week of Jan 27th:

 It's great to mix up your wardrobe by adding a striped tank top under a see through plain white shirt! 

Tank from Garage Canada.
Favourite Pins:

Week of March 26th:
Doesn't this look so comfy? A long T with a cute scarf and coloured pants? With the snow falling again this could be a great outfit to keep warm!

Week of March 18th:

Now that spring is just around the corner, we can start wearing flats (once the mud is gone), layering a tank under a sweater (unless you wear tanks all year), and wearing Spring colours! Here's my favourite outfit with flats and a tank! :) P.S. There is a swatch of some spring 2014 popular colours!

Week of March 1st:

I love this scarf on this outfit as it really makes the outfit pop! The great thing about this pin is that you can take inspiration from it and create your own outfit! If you don't have brown boots like me, then change the leggings to grey and add black boots! It is a very simple outfit, but at the same time…it is super cute and perfect to wear on many occasions!

Week of February 23rd:

This outfit is perfect for church, school, and more! It's an outfit that is easy to dress up, and dress down. Adding a colourful top or etc., gives the outfit a pop of colour, and completes the outfit. 

Week of February 1st: 

This could be a simple super stylish outfit for spring, and fall! You could definitly dress it up for weddings, a grad ceremony, or dress it down for shopping, or a birthday party. 
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 Week of January 27th:

I really love this basic tank, with the dark jean, long green necklace, and the brown belt..easy and cute at the same time!
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