Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Prom/Grad Inspiration-1920's Style

Prom has already been happening around the country.. as well as grads, so I thought I would share some super cute dresses, shoes, and accessories-IN OUTFITS for you to check out and maybe get some inspiration from! I have used mostly items from ModCloth, and also 2 necklaces from Stella & Dot! These outfits are especially cute because they are modest, and different from other traditional grad and prom dresses.

Soon, I will be posting another blog entry that will be all about grad/prom outfits (that hopefully will inspire you) and are more on the 21st-modern side of fashion. :) 

Good luck with Prom/Grad ladies,


P.S. Check out the sites below where I found the items above:

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I ♥Jeggings

The Scoop:
 I really don't wear leggings often-but I have been enjoying wearing jeggings! They sure do go with lots of clothing, and look cute (I wear mine in black) in winter, spring, and fall. 
The great thing about jeggings is that they are meant to look like jeans, but feel like leggings-or at least that's what I think! 

Can you give me outfit ideas?
Below are some outfit ideas-found on Pinterest…plus I only picked a couple, there is plenty more to look at all over the Internet! 


Finding Jeggings: 
I think you can find jeggings at most stores, I found my black pair of jeggings at Winners, and my navy jeggings at American Eagle. The AE jeggings are usually $30+ CAN.


What I recommend: 

I recommend making sure the jeggings aren't too long (I got mine a bit too long, and it's annoying) But, you want them just a little bit longer, not much, so that (you can if you want to) roll them up in the summer!
I think in the winter they are super cute with boots, a scarf, cute LONG top, and maybe even leg warmers!
In the summer, they would be cute with birkenstocks (I wear my fake Birkenstocks to dress down the jeggings), or with roman sandals. 


Happy jegging hunting!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter & 10 Item Wardrobe

First of all, Happy Easter…it is awesome that Jesus has taken away our sins and that he has given us a wonderful new life! Thanks Jesus! XOXO

I have been reading about Parisian style (thanks Auntie for sharing!) and it sounds so simple- a 10 item wardrobe (per each season, and doesn't include basics). Having a closet with just over 10 pieces of clothing would be soo simple when choosing an outfit each day because all your clothing would be in outfits! For example, you wouldn't have to scrounge around looking for a certain top for that green and black skirt, or pants for that pink and grey top. Instead everything would be matched! 

In one of the Parisian books my aunt lent me, the writer talks about that not everyone can have a 10 item wardrobe, you might need more. I agree with this statement because lots of people don't have a ten item wardrobe (or at least I don't think they do) because we North Americans shop lots, I am guessing we have never heard of 10 items of clothing, and also depending on where you live, you might need extra clothing like...winter coats, vests, etc., or if you liven somewhere warm, lots of shorts, tanks, and light sweaters. 

So to help make this easier (if your interested) I have listed some points... I learned all this info from my Aunts Parisian books, and I also included some of my own thoughts/beliefs.
 Thanks Parisian books! :)

  • A Parisian wardrobe has 10 main pieces, plus the basics. 
  • Not everyone needs to have a 10 item wardrobe, you can have more clothing…whatever you feel is necessary!
  • I believe that having a 10 item wardrobe can help encourage you to buy good quality (maybe a bit more expensive) clothing pieces, instead of buying cheap random clothing pieces, and wasting money. 
  • I believe that the Parisian's 10 item wardrobe doesn't mean that you have to go all French, but that the 10 item wardrobe might be helpful when: 
  • 1. You go shopping, you will think about how many items of clothing you really need.
  • 2. You clean out your closet, you will think about which items you love, and which items you kept "just because". 
Also, never change the way you dress and your style for other people, wear what makes you happy…pieces of clothing that are great for the time period we are living in, and clothing pieces that accentuate your figure and body!

Even though I am always learning about fashion, I DON'T know everything and to tell you the truth, my true fashion icons are my cousins and Aunt…and I learned pretty much all my fashion info from them! I love you ladies!!

Some examples of 10 item wardrobes! Enjoy…


*Photos from Pinterest and Google Images*

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

LuLaRoe & Skirts

This week the weather has been warm enough for me to wear a maxi skirt-one that I bought from a LuLaRoe skirt party! LuLaRoe sells an assortment of skirts as well as dresses and leggings..and they even have skirts and leggings for girls! I recommend purchasing a skirt or two for yourself since they are so comfortable and easy to wear. Here is the link to their website where you can purchase items    on-line or contact a consultant so you can host a party.

I thought I would put together a collage of some of their products, and also create two outfits using their skirts! Sometimes creating an outfit when you want to wear a skirt can be tough, so always try Pinterest for some ideas, and make sure the outfit is you!! 

Skirts are a fun way to switch up your wardrobe as they aren't as fancy (usually), and they can give you freedom from pants for a day! :) I think skirts are a great way to be modest, while still dressing skirts are really in at the moment-especially maxi skirts! So…I say we should enjoy them as much as we can before the fashion critics and fashion stores say they aren't in style anymore!

I may just post more on maxi skirts and skirts since I love them so much! :)

Always have fun,


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How 2 Wear Yoga & Sweat Pants

Week of April 1st:
Sometimes you feel like wearing sweat pants or yoga pants, but the problem with these pants is that you can feel uncomfortable in them! The trick with these pants is to wear LONG sweaters/shirts to cover your bottom, and to wear them modestly. Sometimes people wear them inappropriately-like with cut off shirts (above the belly button) and with the wrong under garments, So, to wear these comfy pants I suggest wearing long shirts and sweaters, or a simple T-shirt with a cardigan! It works.
Pair yoga pants and sweat pants with:

  • Long sweaters, shirts, or a T-shirt with a cardigan.
  • Shoes? Try a flat sneaker, a pair of Toms, roman sandals, or oxfords.