Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How 2 Wear Yoga & Sweat Pants

Week of April 1st:
Sometimes you feel like wearing sweat pants or yoga pants, but the problem with these pants is that you can feel uncomfortable in them! The trick with these pants is to wear LONG sweaters/shirts to cover your bottom, and to wear them modestly. Sometimes people wear them inappropriately-like with cut off shirts (above the belly button) and with the wrong under garments, So, to wear these comfy pants I suggest wearing long shirts and sweaters, or a simple T-shirt with a cardigan! It works.
Pair yoga pants and sweat pants with:

  • Long sweaters, shirts, or a T-shirt with a cardigan.
  • Shoes? Try a flat sneaker, a pair of Toms, roman sandals, or oxfords.