Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Red Outfit Inspiration

Week of March 26th:
This outfit is perfect for staying warm in but it's also an outfit you can easily wear anywhere! If you are looking for a bracelet like below try Stella & Dot. They always have such cute bracelets! The contrast of the brown boots with the coloured clutch and scarf as well as the cream sweater make the outfit pop. It makes your eyes go…wow…warm, colourful, and best of all-modest! I recommend wearing a long sweater that covers your bottom if you are going to wear leggings with this outfit. Otherwise if you don't want to wear a long sweater, try jeggings-pants and leggings in one! :) 

  • Bracelets: Try Stella & Dot
  • ALWAYS wear leggings with a long top.
  • Don't like leggings? Try jeggings-pants and leggings in 1!