Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter & 10 Item Wardrobe

First of all, Happy Easter…it is awesome that Jesus has taken away our sins and that he has given us a wonderful new life! Thanks Jesus! XOXO

I have been reading about Parisian style (thanks Auntie for sharing!) and it sounds so simple- a 10 item wardrobe (per each season, and doesn't include basics). Having a closet with just over 10 pieces of clothing would be soo simple when choosing an outfit each day because all your clothing would be in outfits! For example, you wouldn't have to scrounge around looking for a certain top for that green and black skirt, or pants for that pink and grey top. Instead everything would be matched! 

In one of the Parisian books my aunt lent me, the writer talks about that not everyone can have a 10 item wardrobe, you might need more. I agree with this statement because lots of people don't have a ten item wardrobe (or at least I don't think they do) because we North Americans shop lots, I am guessing we have never heard of 10 items of clothing, and also depending on where you live, you might need extra clothing like...winter coats, vests, etc., or if you liven somewhere warm, lots of shorts, tanks, and light sweaters. 

So to help make this easier (if your interested) I have listed some points... I learned all this info from my Aunts Parisian books, and I also included some of my own thoughts/beliefs.
 Thanks Parisian books! :)

  • A Parisian wardrobe has 10 main pieces, plus the basics. 
  • Not everyone needs to have a 10 item wardrobe, you can have more clothing…whatever you feel is necessary!
  • I believe that having a 10 item wardrobe can help encourage you to buy good quality (maybe a bit more expensive) clothing pieces, instead of buying cheap random clothing pieces, and wasting money. 
  • I believe that the Parisian's 10 item wardrobe doesn't mean that you have to go all French, but that the 10 item wardrobe might be helpful when: 
  • 1. You go shopping, you will think about how many items of clothing you really need.
  • 2. You clean out your closet, you will think about which items you love, and which items you kept "just because". 
Also, never change the way you dress and your style for other people, wear what makes you happy…pieces of clothing that are great for the time period we are living in, and clothing pieces that accentuate your figure and body!

Even though I am always learning about fashion, I DON'T know everything and to tell you the truth, my true fashion icons are my cousins and Aunt…and I learned pretty much all my fashion info from them! I love you ladies!!

Some examples of 10 item wardrobes! Enjoy…


*Photos from Pinterest and Google Images*