Saturday, May 10, 2014

I ♥Jeggings

The Scoop:
 I really don't wear leggings often-but I have been enjoying wearing jeggings! They sure do go with lots of clothing, and look cute (I wear mine in black) in winter, spring, and fall. 
The great thing about jeggings is that they are meant to look like jeans, but feel like leggings-or at least that's what I think! 

Can you give me outfit ideas?
Below are some outfit ideas-found on Pinterest…plus I only picked a couple, there is plenty more to look at all over the Internet! 


Finding Jeggings: 
I think you can find jeggings at most stores, I found my black pair of jeggings at Winners, and my navy jeggings at American Eagle. The AE jeggings are usually $30+ CAN.


What I recommend: 

I recommend making sure the jeggings aren't too long (I got mine a bit too long, and it's annoying) But, you want them just a little bit longer, not much, so that (you can if you want to) roll them up in the summer!
I think in the winter they are super cute with boots, a scarf, cute LONG top, and maybe even leg warmers!
In the summer, they would be cute with birkenstocks (I wear my fake Birkenstocks to dress down the jeggings), or with roman sandals. 


Happy jegging hunting!